My name is Nathalie -

I come from a little village near Lyon in France and I am now settled in the North-east of England with My daughter.

My passion for the artistic creations has born in my early childhood and has never left me.I have tried and keep trying new techniques, New materials and new tools.With many years of practices i have developed good skills witch are still improving .

I am now using pure precious metal and making my own home-made metal clay (high purity )It's a long process but it open doors on immense creativity and inspirations.

Each of my creation is handmade with attention and love. All unique, ethic and unusual. I use various material and recycle as much as posible.

As I care about health and nature I do not add any kind of chimical on my jewelery All of the pieces are safe to be wear.

Thank you for the time you have spend reading about me

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